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Jordan Browne

The Crystal Rhinestone collection


We’ll Take Care of You

Jay's Island Glam is here to pamper and take care of your every needs.    We offer a full VIP service, with all our knowledge,  certifications, skills and qualifications we thrive to fulfill our customers to the best of our ability. Every service is performed with love and knowledge to protect every client from infections, virus, fungus and bacteria's.

The owner and CEO

Jordan is a certified nail technician, who is known to show up and show out when she slay creations.

Jordan Browne is an Antiguan Cruzan Caribbean woman, who was  always passionate about doing nails but never took it to consideration until in 2019 when she moved to Florida. She began doing her own nails followed by family members, she then began to think about enrolling on a nail school but could not have made up her mind if she really wanted to go through with it. She continue to practice her craft and study from professional nail technicians she would see on You tube. Early 2020 when Jordan decided to move to Georgia where she found a school name CEI Hair School and decided to enroll, where she work and obtain my certification to get licensed.

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